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.Saturday, March 10, 2012 ' 2:12 AM Y
evil is GOOD and i like the way it is

New year , new environment , new website . Yes I'm gonna end this blog .This blog which depicts my 4 years of secondary school life . Don't worry I would not delete the blog . In fact I would let this blog be here forever [ as long as the internet still works , or blogger do not shut down ] .
In fact this blog brings me part of the lots of memory in my 4 years . Thinking back , I'm not quite sure why I created a blog . Either way , this blog have been spammed , seen and it's skin/layout have been changed countless of time(causing me to pull my hair out ) till this last skin , the legendary ' EVIL IS GOOD' skin .If i'm not wrong i stopped changing it some where when i was in sec 2 , 2009 .

To think my first post was a sentence about ready for the zombie to eat me up on 6 july 2008 . And the following are somewhat related to vanessa .

My Secondary 1 life (in the blog n maybe a little of my life) is mainly filled with Monica , Siti(although i nvr mention u in my blog ), and sad sad Vanessa . Some of the posts r related to primary school as u r sec 1 n u probably missed primary school . Once in awhile other characters might pop in of my sec 1 life . An example would be Lousie n Weiting who happily love to pull my hair . And there r also reasons to y I quit choir . (I hated choir back then )[ I also hated my computer ] . {In fact I joined choir because I was in choir in primary school , thinking it was easy I joined [and then crap happens] and after i joined , chestie joined n after chestie joined lousie joined ( clearly I can see the chain here )[Ps i'm glad u 2 can take the pressure n stayed on while I said sayonara 1st ]} At the end of the year , Monica and I joined Cynthia , Grace and Huimin ; And we turned ourself to : Sotong ! Bunny! Donut ! Grape ! and Crab ! ( according to the ordered names )
Next the year past and I got in secondary two , before chinese new year , I quit choir and joined wardrobe , meeting/accompanying Yu Juan .[actually I know her before that ] during sec 2 I then somehow really understand wad blogs r kind of really about therefore there are more parts of my life in the blog then . [ And most of them r kind of funny ]. At that time my life relvoves around those 4 weird 2 weird object n the other 2 weird animal and I transformed into SUPER BUNNY ! .
Starting of the year there are many intersting stories (fiction and non-fiction)nearing the end of the year the posts are less vivid .As usual there are random people with are written in my blogs along the way. (quite less vanessa in sec 2).
Now secondary 3 , for some god reason I become the owner of doing the class blog and the vanessa's post is back . Rainbow colour posts decided to pop in , random pics also decided to drop by and many people decided to pop in my life . Not much of a blog poster I was back then some main trips and crazy things and more cough cough .
Secondary 4 is where life started to get boring, nocturnal , hungry
and it goes downhill from the start and i become a great fan of one liners and one letters . Then at august , the bugs bunny craze starts , and then a few comments here and there and DONE !

And then the crazy grpy left 4 , 4 person who transformed back into 4 normal human beings .

Well that concludes my blog's life .I've got to say its been an intersting 4 years meeting many unique people. There's many ups and down in those years but if I will to ask to do it again , I will not hesitant to do so . Actually what I like to say is that i appreciate all of you whom gone throught secondary school experience with me ; whether you are metioned in this blog or not (getting all dramatic here ) so THANK YOU ! (more dramatic)Therefore I dedicate this blog to all of u whom make this happen .(entering the' I really think I'm getting an award on stage 的drama ')and then NAHHHHH , I dedicate this blog to ME n ME only ! for I make this happen without 本小姐 all this won't happen (n that's the ME whom I know so vry well).LOL.
For those of you who don't know , I admit , I'm a drama queen .

Clearly this post is a summary of my blog BUT its not my WHOLE secondary life story .There's more to it then you know muhahahahahaha .N WHO SAID I CAN'T RITHE A BIO HAAAAAA .

P.s. if u wondered , yes i went through the archive in my blog therefore I know how irriating the 'EVIL IS GOOD '' pop up is , no I'm not taking it down It's gonna be part of HISTORYYYYY [the subject which I hate during secondary and probably now too]

Anyways there's the end of this blog and here is my new WEBSITEEE !
www.shbubble.tumblr.com <----HERE !

Well anyways goodbye shoooo ~


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